Out on Monday 31st March 2014
Out on Monday 31st March 2014

In my previous post I mentioned a new mix tape was set be released last Monday by Lady Leshurr, it came with lot’s of anticipation from the LYEAH team. LIL Bit Of Lesh is finally available to download on hoodtapes. The mix tape is made up of 13 tracks with a freestyle to Beyonce’s ‘Partition’,  ‘The Worst’ by Jhene Akio and the legendary garage classic  ‘A Little bit of Luck’ by MC Neat all consisting of a little bit of Lesh’s style.


  1. Chase The Dream
  2. Partition Freestyle
  3. Lil Bit Of Lesh Ft Mc Neat
  4. Sound Of Da Lesh Skit
  5. F64
  6. Backstreet
  7. Huaraches
  8. Been A Long Time Enit?
  9. The Worst
  10. Emotions
  11. Bad For Me Ft Igniterr
  12. All Or Nothing Ft Fly Boy E
  13. Penny Cake                                                  

If the question came up of which mix tape is better between  LIL Bit Of Lesh and Friggin L I would say that Friggin L is probably my favorite because I thought Lady Lehsurr’s the word play and the style was better than the original tracks that she covered. Leshurr definitely set a best record for herself that I don’t think can be beaten with this mix tape. On A lil bit of Lesh I love the thought process and theme that went into this project and we can hear it as you listen to the tracks. For example the effort that was made to get MC Neat to not only feature but to actually put a dubplate on ‘with a little a bit of luck’ to ‘With a little bit of Lesh’, again we see the consistency with the KRS -One ‘it’s the sound of the police’ to ‘it’s the sound of lesh,’ the precision just to make sure it goes with the theme of the mix tape deserves ratings as it’s her own genius creativity and I don’t think there has been a UK artist in genre that has done what Leshurr is doing.

What would the mix tape be without the SBTV F64 freestyle which is probably my personal favorite because it’s just fluent with a lot of one-liners and wordplay just like Partition which is what grasps a lot of ears and captures a lot of attention. I’m a fan of freestyle’s for anything and I just think doing freestyle’s are important as this highlight’s the individual best ability, this is when Lady Leshurr is at her best.  Some critics and avid music fans might criticize her efforts but in all honesty you can’t knock the graft and how precise she is with her projects. This is one artist I know that care’s a lot about presentation and it clearly shows when you listen this mix tape and previous one’s. From this she earned and gained respect from the Shurrporter’s (name for the supporter).

Lady Leshurr release the video for Chase The Dream last night (6/04/14)

Download Lil Bit Of Lesh:  http://hoodtapes.co.uk/lady-leshurr-lil-bit-of-lesh/                

Website: http://www.ladyleshurr.com

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/lady-leshurr/id455574969

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyLeshurr

Words By Vanessa Ryan



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