Apologies for the lack of posts of recent but I hope my interview on the 8th March with Annika Spalding and my previous posts have kept you all entertained. This week I thought I would upload current music I am loving at the moment, which have been on the airwaves for quite some time and I also have brand new music from Lily McKenzie, who I  have featured previously  and will continue to support her music.

After months of me playing ‘Where I Belong’ by Lily McKenzie which I still love, Lily is back with something deeper and edgy with ‘Support Machine’ ft Giggs to add just a little more deepness. Listening to the song and watching the video it feels as though ‘Support Machine’ has a personal message behind it, maybe a little more up close and personal for Lily too. It’s clear that Lily is showing how diverse she can be and reaching out to a wider audience as suppose for those familiar with Lily’s previous sounds.

So check it out and if you like it support!!

‘Support Machine’ Ft Giggs is the lead track taken from the EP

Pre- Order ‘Support Machine EP’ NOW! …Released on 30th March

Where I Belong

Keep updated with Lily Mckenzie here



Jennifer Hudson’s new song ‘I Can’t Describe’ has been on the airwaves for months but I like it a lot and in my eyes its NEW!!.. Newish. It features rapper T.I I suppose he’s presence works on this feel good track, its sexy Jennifer looks Fab and I thought it’s perfect to feature for my ladies special.

“I Can’t Describe” (The Way I Feel) Available Now!



Just recently I came across this beautiful soulful singer-songwriter. Signed to Independent Label Tru Thoughts, 21-year-old HarleighBlu from Nottingham has a style that is easily compared to Billy Holiday meets Jill Scott, Laura Izabor and Lauryn Hill.  Harleigh’s favourite genres are Hip-Hop and Neo Soul which is understandable as a lot of jazz soul artist say hip-hop inspires them or jazz comes from that genre. Harleigh comes across as bubbly and really knows what she wants in the her music career. She mentions in an interview that she has a wide spectrum of musical influences whilst growing up.

With a new direction and a shed load of new material she stepped out into the gigging circuit once again, this time taking in local venues, numerous festivals and supporting roles for Liam Bailey and Natalie Duncan. Thanks to these performances she has support from Rodney P and MistaJam, as well as BBC Introducing.

The  buzz around Harleighblu has already started, With her Debut album ‘Forget Me Not‘ available to buy now watch this space as I believe she has a spring tour and a few performances at festivals this summer.

Debut Album ‘Forget Me Not’ …

Check out ‘Let Me Be’

Keep updated with HarleighBlu here


That’s it for this week, let me know your thoughts.

Vanessa x


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