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As March is officially WOMEN’S  MONTH with International women’s day looming on March 8th, Mother’s Day on the 30th. I thought it would be nice to feature ladies all throughout this month. To kick it off I have new music from 2 beautiful stong powerful vocalist, all from Birmingham to share with you all.

Recently my ears connected with the beautiful singer Relo at the launch of The Urban Gypsy Ep by another big talent Call Mee Unique.  I didn’t know what to expect if i’m honest but if you see Relo’s stage composture I knew she was was serious. Ever since I heard the track ‘Crazy over you’ that night I have just connected with it.  I truely believe Relo is on to watch, personally in my own opinion Relo is in her own league for female Birmingham singers, however I would like to see other Birmingham singers working together and enpowering each other as this city has a lot of potential.

Singer/songwriter South African born British artist Relo ‘Tshwarelo Nhlapo’ started prospects of her career at just 9 years old at a primary school in Johannesburg where teachers discovered her talents. Relo has been in various national competitions such as festival for stars, project-talent 2012 she also performed in various prestigious venues and events such as, the NEC Birmingham, Birmingham World Half Marathon, and Birmingham Town Hall, CBSO Showcases, Adrian Bolt theatre and many more places.
September 2012 when she secured a place at Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA), a school for talented young pupils and she is currently studying by early 2013 Relo was spotted singing at an event by Lenice Dynamiks from the Brumtown Hit Factory. He invited Relo & her mom Desiree down to the studio to meet up with fellow music producer and Hit Factory business partner Levi ‘KMD’ St Juste. Very soon after Relo, Dynamiks and KMD were writing her debut single “Crazy Over You” Relo was recently interviewed by BBC 1xra DJ Target to showcase her new single ‘Stay Here’ ft Jr Donato

Now the single is ready and the campaign has started, Relo very happy, excited and ready to be catapulted into the music industry with support of her new team, her friends and family especially her mother who has been a rock throughout her who journey.

Check Crazy Over you Video
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Available to by on I tunes and Amazon
Available to by on I tunes and Amazon


Relley C we all remember the X Factor audition and the moment Nicole S never took the unique singer on to the live show and i just thought WHY NOT NICOLE? All I could remember was this very powerful voice and the black and white hair style that just stood out from the rest.

But since then Relley has gone on to do various performance and has released the  new single ‘Bits and Pieces’ which was also produced by man behind Relo KMD.

CindeRelley Clarke  singer songwriter from Birmingham within the U.K.
At just 12 years old she had already decided singing was what she wanted to for a living, and thanks to her Father Eddie.C she got to write and record her first song Titled- ‘Someone else.’
Over the years she and her father have maintained a musical partnership, he produces and sings, she writes and sings. …This has given them a close bond not just as musicians, but as father and daughter.
In 2007 she entered herself into the MTV Base competition, ‘Hugo Urban Rules.’ This exposed Relley to the industry for the first time, meeting a panel of judges that consisted of a few famous faces like J Sean, Steve Sutherland and Amy Winehouse.
Soon after that she was given a massive opportunity to perform at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall with two of Birmingham’s finest Mcs, Lady Leeshurr and DeWayne Force. Together they worked on a project called Back to The Future for an audience of over 10,000 people for the BBC 2 event ‘Night of the Proms’ also known as ‘Music For Youth.’
Since then, she has also appeared on ‘Grime Daily’ ‘33TV’ and ’Flush Media’ for interviews, live performances and Music Videos.

 Watch out for Relley C because she is here to make a statement.

Watch Relley’s  X factor moment

Support Relley C by purchasing Bits and Pieces here

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