imagesCA2AQKIX1748784-4-denim-vestPHOTO © TEAM PETER STIGTER

With Fashion Week taking place I thought it was only right I featured something to show my appreciation for new trends. In particularly to Mens fashion, as it is changing with more similarities to some women’s clothing like skinny jeans, long dress type t-shirts; or should I say fashion is becoming more appealing to both women and men, either way I’m always looking at new innovative brands.  Benjart clothing are bringing back swag and masculinity in mens clothing as they are set to launch their unique selective range in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols on February 21st .  This swarve brand are set for a fantastic 2014.

The brand of Benjart is borne from shattered dreams… After finding obstructions in his path and being faced with difficult decisions, Mr Benjart had to persevere to break down barriers or find alternative routes to the top. These are life experiences that everyone must endure in order to find success, and Benjart is still climbing, so join him on his journey, and learn his story through the different stages of releases.

The London  based clothing, which is run by a talented collective originally founded by Jerone Benjart. His inspiration came from the fact that he was no longer going to buy other people’s brands but instead make his own establishment in men’s fashion. Jerome quoted in SQ magazine;

“Become bored of treading down the high street to pay £40 for a t-shirt that I was likely to see worn by somebody else”.

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I encourage all men and women to check out Benjart lounge where you can shop and chill all at the same time. See the website for more information.



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