For the last few weeks I have been looking for some creative art to feature on this page, I’m glad to say I have found talent. So I was scrolling on my Facebook page ‘as you do’ and I happen to stumble across some beautiful art on a friends page, I was intrigued to find out more information on this artist.

Let me introduce you to Nicola Carr hailing from Cape Town South Africa. Nicola resides in Birmingham where she keeps busy creating new art. Nicola’s creative background stems from her earlier years where she studied creative arts in college. Nicola then went on to study a degree in nursing. Nicola now uses her nurturing skills to mentor young adults for The Princes Trust.

 I have always loved drawing, my dad is a brilliant artist and used to let me draw while he was working. He would teach me about different mediums and how to scale up or down and use colours correctly. In school drawing became my passion. And I used it to escape and lose my self in fantasy art ( dragons, fairies, gothic art)” 

Nicola tells me her fond for big cats ( “which I adore) or wild life/tropical flower art”, where she finds inspiration from one of her favourite artist is Pip McGarry, an international wild life artist.

A sentimental present for a relativeA sentimental present for a relative

Towards the end of last year a friend requested a picture as a gift, and since then Nicola has not put her pencils down.

For enquires contact Miss Carr here https://m.facebook.com/ArtByMissCarr

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