Get familiar with Shane Chubbz, as he continues on building momentum towards his CHUBBZIANO EP set to be released on the 19th February. Following on his smash hit ‘Unbelievable Scenes’ Shane Chubbz is back with his official single entitled, ‘Pockets’, (featuring DAP and Mick Jenkins) supported by in-house singers Frederika and Flo Riff providing their sophisticated vocals.

So I’m listening to ‘Pockets’ a track filled with so much warmth. These days there’s not many tracks that sound unique and fresh. This is rap fused with jazz and neo soul and with the help of the female vocals which captures the story behind the track. From hearing this official single off the Ep we can only imagine what Shane has enticed his listeners to.

As I have recently checked out his sound cloud I had to get some idea of Mr Chubbz style, check out the Unbelievable Scenes freestyle it’s Bad it’s Rap it’s Hip- Hop.

As a bonus, Chubbz has recently released a video consisting of recent tour footage in Nigeria, as well as snippets from a new track. CHUBBZIANO EP is set for release on February 19th on his new website


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