As you all know I like to be inspired by all things in arts and culture. I love my music as well as fashion trends, I decided to dip in to the art world after finding inspiration from projects i’ve been involved in such Birmingham 2022(http://birmingham2022.wordpress.com/) and Ms Curvaceous UK(http://mscurvaceousuk.wordpress.com/). So I reached out to designers, photographers and not forgetting UK Fashion Stylist Denise Brown, who creates and styles.

Her passion is not create distinctive trends but to inspire and leave a ever-lasting impression. Denise a womenswear graduate from the world-renowned London College of Fashion, Denise acquired a strong adoration for fashion from the first time she picked up a needle and thread to hand sew her own outfit, aged just 12. She has worked alongside  fashion stylists such as Franklin Akinsete and Cynthia Lawrence-John,  it was her distinctive style that paved her to dress some of the biggest names in pop culture including Kanye West, Rihanna, Eliza Doolittle and the Noisettes. Denise’s international clientel includes MTV, GMTV, Nickelodeon and Polaroid. From there she went on to style campaigns for Bench, New Era just to name a few. It’s without doubt this diversed stylist has done everything.

In 2007 Denise launched her own fashion label ‘Don’t Judge Me’– a collection inspired by her struggles, accomplishments and life lessons. The collection won the hearts of many celebrities including Mariah Carey and Tulisa from N Dubz, who both wore items from the collection.  Don’t Judge Me captured the interest of the world’s media, allowing Denise to showcase her personal and original style on an international scale.

Denise has over eight years of ample knowledge in  the fashion industry, now she is applying her expertise  through teaching, Denise has also set up a company called “Fashion Changed My Life”, which aims to inspire and encourage young people and adults to explore their creativity through fashion styling and dressmaking.

Check out DB HEREsplash-image1new-dawn-1




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