Prices can be found via the website
Prices can be found via the website  



 So for quite for some time I have been wanting to support independent designers  through promoting/advertising and blogging. So I want to introduce you all to G’zell Designs, ‘which is more than just a Brand with a logo. It’s a journey of creations. My reflection of life, collaborating with others to express their vision through personalised accessories or clothing’. As quoted  by the Ceo Kaylighe Reid. Kaylighe is a creative of many from dance,modelling, photography and design as I’ve watched her grow from her love of dance and expressing art to designing and developing her brand. Gzell designs was set up 9 months ago and within those 9 months I want to give this brand the credibility the brand and the team deserve which should appeal to other creatives.

Make sure you support G’zell Designs 

You can make purchases from the Gzell design shop here  www.etsy.com/shop/gzelldesigns

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/gzelldesigns


 Words by Vanessa Ryan


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