The Forest of Zephron

What will you hear in the Forest of Zephron
What will you hear in the Forest of Zephron?

It has been ages since I have been excited to write about this  long-awaited album. I wrote my first ever review for this artist back in 2011 with ‘Indigo Child’ which is a quality album and I still till this day  play it. Two years later with his third album which is released on 2nd December 2013 I am pleased to be writing reviewing ‘The Forest of Zephron’ by Donae’O.

Since Indigo Child party hard singer has been keeping very busy with doing covers with tracks he had been feeling at the time and adding his touch, from artists such as Rihanna, Drake and Rick Ross and many more. More recently he has also been producing new material and collaborating with others such as (afrobeats) Mista Silva, Fuse ODGLethal B, P Money, Lady Leshurr, Terri Walker just to name a few. It’s good to see that Donae’O has been constantly researching new sounds and bringing a lot of the Uk acts that are just coming through with new material. Now the time has come for this new project instantly I knew how hard Donae’O has worked on this album.

With the last week or so Donae’O has been sharing samplers everyday just to prepare us for what his working on and let me say within 10 minutes I picked THE favourite track that I know will create a buzz in the clubs which is ‘I Don’t Play‘ ft Lethal Bizzle.This track has everything kicks and a lot of bass and then you hear the ‘drop/switch’ towards the end which is the beauty of this track. If you recognise his style you would see how different this is compared to what we normally hear. I Don’t Play is like ‘work hard play harder’ meets ‘Pow’ it’s great.  The other favourite tracks I like and I can see growing are ‘My Love’ ft DJ Q, ‘Leave me alone’ ft Cleopatra this track reminded me of Drake ‘Marvin’s Room’ and then after the 1st chrous is where my favourite part of the song comes in because you just hear this random bass line which just breaks the chorus up nicely. Also like the bass line version of ‘Where’s ma mansdem at’ ft Trilla and C4 I just love how Donae’O has experimented with this track by mixing it up with various people. Lastly ‘Summer time’ ft Artful Dodger when I listened to this track I couldn’t help but think Craig David, I sort of wish Donae’O released this track in the summer time.

There you have it people, those are my personal favourites from The Forest of Zephron and to be fair there is so much material on this album and selection of upbeat, midrange to slow tempo beats. Also the beauty in this album is that I can tell Donae’O took his time and throughly thought of whom to collaborate with and tried to make each track different. I am also pleased to hear all elements of house mixed with garage, hip-hop and bass line. Any Dj could go through this album and pick any track to add to their playlist because it has a wide selection of tasteful sounds.

Also listen out for the ‘Gone in the Morning’ produced by Carnao Beats ft Donae’O as this track is becoming more and more popular on radio and clubs, it’s a BANGER!!


Pre order The Forest of Zephron here

Pre order Gone in the Morning by Carnao ft Donaeo

Download The Forest of Zephron sampler …


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